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Newly available to rent – Xuhui Base-WEST BUND

Posted by relocationcn on February 26, 2022

Apartment service 2021 is a full year, various players have joined the market, the first month of 2022 blockbuster news, after the base longhua west road store opened early last year (BASE’s latest service apartment, Xuhui longhua small family family), after nearly a year of preparation, jin and asset management with Singapore GIC again next city, xuhui riverside botanical garden project base-WEST BUND cottage-west bank officially meet with you.

The west bank of Shanghai is located by the Huangpu River in Xuhui District, with a coastline of 11.4 kilometers, an area of 9.4 square kilometers and a total building of 9.5 million square meters. It is an important carrying area for the core functions of the high-quality central activity area in the overall urban planning of “Shanghai 2035”.

This project is located near the Shanghai Botanical Garden in the central section of Xuhui Binjiang. From January 1,2022, the Botanical Garden offers free admission activities, which is not only a back garden for ordinary leisure and entertainment, but also a huge green lung in the city center.It is also only 500 meters away from the Huangpu River

The project is formerly: 500 meters away from the Huangpu River, the new Xuhui Cohost rear boutique Community Apartment

The project integrates service-oriented apartment, retail, catering, fitness and other urban living facilities. The entrance of the apartment building is equipped with a whole brick wall painted with green plants

The bottom floor is fully equipped with catering cafes and 24-hour convenience stores, which achieve a high convenience of living and travel.At the same time, the surrounding business form is mature, with about 90 meters long shops along the street.

Overall design drawing:

Public area appreciation:

BASE has not announced the final price, the service can be a reference according to historical items: rent includes property, invoice, broadband WiFi, cleaning once a week, 1 change of linen, gym public area, etc.

Indoor real scene reference: (still doing the final finishing work, I will update the high-definition pictures in the first time)

The base-WEST BUND Berkshire-West Bank project will be newly upgraded to a new urban community stronghold on the West Bank of Xuhui, providing a more creative living space for tenants, and becoming a part of the vitality of the city.

More HD pictures and 2K resolution videos will be updated as soon as possible, please look forward to it.


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